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Club Fitting at Castelgandolfo Golf Club


In March 2017, Alvaro Brunella Jr, joined the staff of the Golf Club Castelgandolfo like professional fitter and golf pro. He’s also available for consulting about the purchase of golf clubs for every kind of player.Alvaro Brunella Jr

What is the Club Fitting?
Club Fitting is an advaced technology test, used to optimize the golfer’s equipment based on all the features of the player, to let him improve his own game. Thanks to sophisticated tools, like trackman, is possible to measure all the ball throw data, like vertical and horizontal spin, distance, trajectory and speed of throw; by all this data is possible to set or verify the equipment on the bases of swing and phisics characteristics of the golf player tested, to let him improve his ability and distance for every shot. As well is possible to “fit” also the putter, analyzing the lenght, the weight, the loft and the lie to set it in the best condition for each player.

Available Services:

  • Shafts and Grips substitution
  • Lenght and Swing Weight modification
  • Fitting sessions with all the international best brands and consulting about the purchase of new equipment
  • Fitting Sessions with TrackMan tests.

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    Fitting Price € 50,00/h


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